"Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible."
— Alan Turing
Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of the decentralized internet by researching, incubating, and investing in leading blockchain projects.
Turing is the crypto "paypal mafia". We are structured as a DAO and a collective of founders, ethereum core developers, engineers, inventors, and investors. We partner and support projects at all stages from pre-whitepaper to public ICOs.
We're Michael Karnjanaprakorn (founder of Turing & Skillshare), Connor Lin (founder of Carbon), Felix Feng (founder of Set Protocol), Jeff Chang (Pinterest), George Lambeth (ex-ConsenSys), and Lane Rettig (Ethereum developer), among many other members.
We look for teams with an ambitious vision. We like to invest at the earliest stages and roll up our sleeves. We help our teams on strategy, token sales, fundraising, marketing, recruiting, design, company building, community development, and everything in between.
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